After witnessing last night’s presidential debate, when Donald Trump exclaimed that he would do everything possible to put Hillary Clinton behind bars if he wins the election, it’s clear Trump has no interest in gaining a new set of voters before November.

And let’s review, Trump, the candidate, has insulted all Mexicans, African-Americans, women and members of the LGBT community – at the least. It seems mathematically impossible for a candidate to attract enough voters to win an election when he has insulted most of them.

With reports that recently fired Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes – who has been, himself, accused of sexual assault toward female FOX employees – is working with the Trump campaign and the recent addition of a new campaign chief, the media firebrand behind the Breitbart News website, Stephen K. Bannon, it is quite clear Trump just may be planning a launch of the first media company to compete with FOX News, head-to-head.


Trump can’t attract new voters at this stage, but boy is he working to gin up the set of crazy ones he has, and let’s face it, they will dump the FOX for the Trump in a second.