It’s startling, but it’s true that more than 32 million adult Americans can’t read even just a few words. That is just deplorable, for a country like the United States of America: a shining example of democracy, freedom and education for the world to covet and attempt to emulate.

We will dive into the details of how the heck this happened in America in a later series of articles. I think it stands to reason that our lack of respect for the education of all of our citizens deserves much of the blame, and may even be in some way the result of intentional and darker forces.

But I can’t help but think that this incredible shortcoming of the ability of our population to learn, analyze and even vote in a way that is fully vetted and informed has advanced Trump’s candidacy. If all 32 million of the adults in America who do vote based only on what ‘they’re hearing…’ as Donald Trump so loves to say, then it should be no surprise that a fraud and abuser like Trump just may become the next President of the United States.