Kate McKinnon’s impression of Kellyanne Conway was completely unhinged on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend.

McKinnon channeled Glenn Close during a “Fatal Attraction” spoof in which President Donald Trump’s advisor breaks into CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s apartment and tells the anchor, that she “just want[s] to be part of the news, Jake.”

McKinnon’s dark portrayal included Conway throwing knives, coming back from the dead and licking and sniffing Beck Bennett, who played Tapper, and saying he smelled like news.

Thankfully no bunnies were involved.

But the real Jake Tapper did hop on to Twitter on Sunday morning to give his reaction — and he seemed uncomfortable.

Um https://t.co/pFOrMFWgqC

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) February 12, 2017

Despite his initial response, Tapper seemed to have a good sense of humor about the sketch in general.

For instance, when someone asked Tapper about the crazy-high hairline Bennett rocked during his portrayal of him, the “State of the Union” anchor was delightfully self-deprecating:

@__obtuse I think they may have been going more for a comment on my enormous forehead — it’s an 8head really

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) February 12, 2017

And when pressed by others on Twitter, he had a positive review of the show on Saturday.

@betsyscribeindc funny!

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) February 12, 2017

Conway, on the other hand, who has said she’d like to see McKinnon portray her as “a little bit more happy,” is probably … um … not happy about the sketch.

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