Congresswoman Maxine Waters will. She’s been talking about the Kremlin Klan for awhile.

If you ask Congresswoman Waters why 45 is so insistent on picking battles with the media and leveling charges of fake news, she probably won’t cite his thin-skinned nature, any possible personality disorders, or some of the other more popular explanations that circulate about him. She will likely tell you that it’s all part of the plan.

The assault on the free press by 45 and company has to do with reprogramming the American public at large in preparation for when the biggest story breaks—that being the story of the Kremlin Klan and just how deeply Russia has hacked our elections process and our executive branch as a whole. Waters has argued that 45’s team is essentially training the masses to believe that the press is the enemy, that we are lying about our every observation of the executive.

This way, when that biggest story breaks, so many people will believe everything that comes down the pike is a lie that no one will hear it.

While it is tempting to look at 45 himself and see a person too stupid to have a deep, multi-layered master plan, let alone carry one out (at least it is to me), it is dangerous to get swept up in this preconception. Not because of any final word on 45’s intelligence, but because intelligence on his part is not required for such a plan to be true, nor for it to function properly.

Meanwhile, more and more people each day seem to believe that the press is in fact lying to them. In December 2016 a poll reported that 37 percent of respondents chose media as being “the most unethical,” ranked above the big pharma, banking, and tech industries. 53 percent of Republican respondents believed this—yes, more than half—and 39 percent of Independents. 22 percent of Democrats held this belief.

Those that don’t think all of the media is lying to them, of course, have other fish to fry. Presumably if you believe that the many atrocities that are being reported to you are in fact happening, you probably care about them and the Kremlin Klan — either because you are directly affected, or because you simply think they matter.

If you are directly affected, you are already at war. Maybe you’re one of hundreds (or thousands, depending on who you believe) being detained by immigration forces, or worried that you’re next. Or perhaps you’re a BLM activist, and you know that you’re putting your life on the line every time you’re out there doing what you do. Maybe you’re on the ground fighting the DAPL despite the atrocities that are happening right now (yes, despite the near blackout, we are talking to each other on social media, and we know people are being hurt and oppressed by law enforcement in North Dakota).

You are in enough jeopardy that the Kremlin Klan, as Congresswoman Waters named them, is probably not at the top of your thoughts. How could it be?

So that leaves the rest of the people who believe that the horrors they are reading about are really happening. They know it’s real, and they care, and think they matter, but they are not directly affected – not yet, anyway.

Maybe you see the writing on the wall; you don’t believe that your queer marriage and family will really continue to be respected in this country (having already seen one order narrowly get tanked), and you’re working on an exit plan, just in case. Maybe you’re a professional white woman, and you’re taking this chance to be fitted for an IUD before your insurance starts to take exception to your non-breeder status. You have some incomplete level of privilege, and it’s protecting you, but only for now.

So you watch and pay attention and read the news. And it is daily horrors, stacked on top of atrocities. Your head swims every day just looking at the news. You are outraged so often, the sensation is confusing. And no matter how much you care, the fatigue of compound horrors sets in.

For those who are privileged enough, you may care deeply about the Kremlin Klan; it’s tough, though, to stay focused under these conditions.

So here we are. This may be a chaos that is imbued with a crazily fortunate set of characteristics for 45 and his posse, or it may be a fairly sophisticated plan – the kind that people with high level military and intelligence training can conjure up, especially with collaboration from C suite professionals. In other words, the kind that some members of 45’s team could probably cook up with the help of other members of the Kremlin Klan.

After all, it’s the Kremlin.

Putin’s Russia is run by former KGB men at all levels. A political team in the US that was in close touch with high level ex-KGB men, say during an election, would have a deep bench of counterintelligence and long-haul strategies to draw upon. It would be perfect for creating the kind of plan that Congresswoman Waters seems to think is in place.

And by the way, there doesn’t even need to be a high-level political goal here on the US side for this to be plausible; greed works just fine. Oil and gas people are the ones making this happen, and drilling and acquisition are their goals. Pretty simple, really. We’re borrowing right out of the Russian playbook, too, merging our highest level executive branch people with big business; in Russia they’re all KGB, big business and big government both.

PS, remember when the Russian Network actually interrupted C-Span back in January? Do you recall who was speaking? Right. It was Congresswoman Waters. Don’t make me a tinfoil hat just yet, but that does feel suggestive at this point.