Let’s review the definition of what is a ‘special prosecutor,’ according to Wikipedia:

“A special prosecutor generally is a lawyer from outside the government appointed by an attorney general or, in the United States, by Congress to investigate a government official for misconduct while in office.”

OK, so did you get that people? “OUTSIDE the government.’ Yet even with today’s shocking revelation that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation of President Trump’s ties to Russia–because Sessions himself appears to have ties to Russia, as well–there are cries from the right to let Session’s department investigate this entanglement.

You may have figured out that I am a political news ‘junkie,’ and because of that, I watch cable news all day long. What I am shocked about from watching it, is the number of Trump enablers who get paid to shill his stuff on cable who are saying that it’s OK if the Justice Department investigates Trump’s ties to Russia–you know, the department run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who just said he is biased in this case and couldn’t judge it objectively–because they will be able to be undeterred by their boss.

If Americans are willing to believe that a department run by Jeff Sessions, and steered by President Donald Trump, will be objective in determining just how much sludge Russia has on Trump, then I have a great bridge to sell every single one of these fools.