With all of the controversies plaguing the current administration, including Michael Flynn’s resignationKellyanne Conway promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, the vagueness of executive orders, and so on, you would hope that Donald Trump‘s transition team adequately prepared him and his administration for taking office.

According to a new report from POLITICO published on Thursday, though, that was not the case, as documents obtained by the site show that the transition team declined training in “leadership, ethics and management.” The previous two administrations had contracted such training when preparing to take office.

In addition to the Trump transition team’s desire to return the funds provided for the training to the federal government, they wanted full control over all of the speakers in the program as well as the content, which is not exactly how an orientation program is supposed to work. While the White House initially did not respond to POLITICO‘s requests for comment, a spokeswoman for the Trump administration sent the following statement after they initially published their story:

Several sessions on ethics issues were done in the Transition office as a prerequisite to employees being allowed to get on the White House campus for the first time, and get their badges. The Office of the White House Counsel continues to work to provide employees of the Executive Office of the President with direct instruction on the standards they are expected to follow during their employment at the White House.

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