So now, we have to add to the ‘stack’ of bodies thrown under the Russian ‘bus’ our very own U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Yes, even though during his confirmation hearings, he told Congress he had no contact with Russian officials during the time when Trump was running for president, he now admits that he lied about that.

Read this excerpt from Policy.Mic regarding this situation:

‘Senior Department of Justice officials allege Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the 2016 presidential campaign, and then Sessions later told Congress no such contact occurred, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

One of the two discussions in question was a closed-door September meeting with Kislyak in the then-senator’s office, and came amid what intelligence agencies now allege was a Putin-directed campaign to throw the election in favor of President Donald Trump by leaking embarrassing information about his Democratic opponents.

Despite efforts by Trump and some prominent Republicans to kill the story, details of Trump and his inner circle’s ties to Russia have continued to beleaguer his presidency. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, resigned after it was leaked he discussed sanctions with Kislyak before Trump’s inauguration and later lied about it to other White House officials including Vice President Mike Pence.’

Alright, enough is enough, and we can just forget about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, because as the saying goes ‘a fish always rots from the head.’ In this case, the ugly question about these Russian entanglements that demands a truthful answer is: What did President Trump know and when did he know it?