We all know that when Trump says he ‘loves women,’ it is not necessarily in the way they want to be ‘loved.’ It is impossible to forget the now-infamous brag from Trump that he can ‘grab women by the pussy.‘ You know, because he is ‘famous.’ That, by the way, is the definition of a predator.

Ever since I heard him say that, I have been wondering how the heck his wife and mother of son Baron, Melania Trump, could even have stayed in the marriage after the entire world now knows Trump is a ‘predator’ of women.

Perhaps Melania just loves money and power so much that she doesn’t really care about the challenges women face in America and across the world because, ‘she got hers.’

She got hers alright, and seeing her host an event at the White House today in ‘celebration of  Women’s Day,’ is enough to make even the most ‘successful’ prostitute want to vomit.