Kate McKinnon channeled her best inner Jeff Sessions to get way too chummy with Alex Moffat playing Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Always a pleasure to see you, Al,” McKinnon’s Sessions oozes as he paws Franken in an appearance on “Weekend Update.”

“The pleasure is mine. This ordeal has been fun for everyone,” Moffat dead pans.

“Al and I are actually great friends,” the ersatz attorney general beams.

“That’s overstating it,” a grumpy Franken responds. “We had lunch at a deli, Jeff.”

But McKinnon insists Sessions took Franken whitewater rafting on the Chattahoochee River, and he showed Sessions “Jew stuff.” Franken “taught me how to say ‘schmear,’” says McKinnon/Sessions.

“Sessions” keeps trying to sweet-talk the senator who asked hime at his confirmation hearings if he had ever met with Russian officials in 2016. Sessions said nope, even though it turned out he had —likely three times.

“It is true that you caught old ‘Brer’ Sessions in a liar patch again,” McKinnon’s Sessions gleams.

“Franken” then asks Sessions to place his hand on a Bible before answering further questions about the Russians. Sessions does — but uses a fake hand.

“You did not specify my biological hand,” McKinnon’s Sessions explains.  He finally takes the oath saying “Alababy” — which he explains is an “Alabama maybe” — instead of yes.

Moffat finally asks: “Why did you deny meeting with Russian officials?”

“I was all distracted,” MckKinnon/Sessions answers. “I was trying to evade these dastardly accusations of being a racist, which I’m not. Where I live, racism is simply part of the landscape.”

“And where do you live?” asks Moffat.

“The 1950s.”