Protest outside the Ferguson Market in Ferguson, Missouri, March 12, 2017. @search4swag

Critics of the police’s handling of the shooting and its aftermath have accused authorities of maligning Brown’s character by releasing a different video from inside the store showing him pushing a worker and taking cigarillos.

To those critics, the emergence of the new video helps prove their point.

“We are interpreting a video. It can be interpreted in multiple ways, that’s true. But it’s also likely true that police know about this and decided to run with a story that was likely inaccurate,” said Brendan Roediger, a professor at St. Louis University School of Law.

In the newly released video, Brown sets down an object on the counter, which the clerk smells. Brown is then given a box of cigarillos and begins to leave but returns and hands the cigarillos back to the clerk.

This is where differing interpretation begins.

Kanzler said the newly released video was handed over to authorities at the same time as the footage showing Brown forcing his way out of the store.

“I’m not sure why it has not been talked about before,” Kanzler said.