When President Donald Trump announced to the world via Twitter that former President Barack Obama wire tapped Trump Tower during the 2016 US presidential election–presumably to prevent Trump from being elected–the world took great notice.

The press became obsessed–rightly so–in pursuing the story, because after all, Trump accused another president of committing a crime.

Now, after a couple of weeks of this story swirling around the various news outlets, Trump just seems to be running away from his serious charges against Obama. Meanwhile, Trump’s loyal servants have only one choice in the way they handle their boss’ late-night, stimulant-fueled charge against another president: He didn’t really mean it.

He didn’t really mean it? Then why did he broadcast this to the world? The current US president levels charges against a former US president and then when asked to prove them, he simply says ‘he didn’t really mean it?’

This is out of control and certainly grounds for the impeachment of President Trump. If the Republicans in Congress refuse to see this, they will certainly be thrown out on the street in 2018. Good luck y’all.