Trump thinks he is so smart, you know, the ‘Art of the Deal’ guy. Actually, he really isn’t that smart. When you inherit $200 million from dad, it is hard to screw up, unless you have a drug problem, or something. In fact, it has been reported that if Trump just put his inheritance into an indexed mutual fund, he would be worth more money than he is today.

But sadly, this born-rich kid who somehow became the President of the United States doesn’t really know what to do now. He throws out weird accusations about President Barack Obama, like he ‘wire tapped’ Trump while Obama was in office because he is that insecure. Yet no one except Trump believes that really happened.

When pressed to prove his point that Obama wire tapped him, Trump got weirdly silent.

The hard fact here is that a man with the most narcissistic tendencies imaginable is now the person with his fingers on the nuclear button is our reality. This must change quickly.