According to the Daily Mail, President Donald Trump had his chilliest summit yet with a foreign leader as he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today for the first time. As reported by the Daily Mail:

“Talks began with a warm welcome outside the West Wing but turned cold as Trump blew off an attempted handshake in the Oval Office and disagreed publicly with Merkel on almost every major international issue.

Trump opened up a joint news conference that his daughter Ivanka attended with a slap at Merkel over her open-door refugee policy. Declaring that ‘immigration is a privilege, not a right,’ Trump said the safety of the countries’ citizens ‘must always come first without question.'”

With just more than an hour before Friday’s joint press conference between Trump and Merkel, the two world leaders sat side-by-side inside the Oval Office during a photo op. As seen from this clip from Time, the pair sat together with little exchange as cameras snapped in the foreground.

That is, until about 30 seconds into the clip, when Merkel and photographers are heard both asking Trump if he wants to take a photo of the two shaking hands.

Trump is running out of people to insult, and insulting the head of Germany is not a good move by Mr. Art of the Deal.