I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hearing members of Congress shoot their mouths off about how great Trump really is and how bad everything non-Trump really is. Enough already. It has become crystal clear that President Trump lied his way into the White House. The people who voted for him (I certainly was not one of them) have yet to realize that all he is doing is stuff that will only hurt them, not help them.

Trumpcare hurts Trump’s voters more that any other group. Good work Trump voters.

Not only that, but Trump put a man who hates public housing in charge of public housing (Ben Carson), and a man who hates pollution regulation in charge of regulating pollution (Scott Pruitt), a woman who doesn’t believe in public schools in charge of public schools (Betsy DeVos), and a man who simply wants to suck the oil out of the ground of every country including ours in charge of foreign relations (Rex Tillerson).

And that is just the beginning.

Look Trump supporters, you had better wake up before the blanket you want to hide behind because you life is so rough right now gets ripped from your hands from your ‘hero,’ Donald Trump.