What happens when the President of the United States can no longer be trusted to tell the truth? Say, for example, that the United States enters into a dangerous confrontation with a foreign power? Are the citizens of the United States to trust the word of a man proven to be a compulsive liar?

President Trump is not just a compulsive liar, but one who lies to the degree that he would tell the world his predecessor, President Obama, is a ‘sick’ man who wiretapped Trump at Trump tower during the 2016 presidential campaign, knowing full well it was a lie.

Trump’s lie about Obama wiretapping was so blatant that the Director of the FBI, James Comey, had to completely denounce it on national television during an intelligence committee hearing.

This is a serious threat to our national security. If we cannot trust our commander-in-chief to tell us the truth in a time of war or potential war, who do we turn to when we need truthful answers to questions on matters of life and death?