Wow, just when we think things couldn’t get weirder, we just witnessed one half of the House Intelligence Committie investigating Trump’s involvement with Russia, Devin Nunes, sidestep his co-chair, Adam Schiff, to make an appearance at the White House in front of the cameras saying perhaps Trump really was ‘spied on’ by President Obama.

To be clear, this sleezy move by Nunes just proves the House, and likely the Senate, is just too partisan now to be able to conduct a bi-partisan investigation into the Trump campaign ties to Russia–or any other matter.

Two questions come to mind as a result of this development. The first is why on earth would Nunes sidestep the rest of the committee and run to the president with ‘information’ pertaining to an investigation into the president himself? What does Trump have on him that would cause Nunes to make such a blatantly stupid move?

Secondly, do we not now have proof that the only way Trump’s ties with Russia can be investigated properly is through the establishment of a special prosecutor and/or committee?

I can’t answer the first question but the answer to the second is absolutely ‘yes.’