We all know Trump measures his level of success by the number of times he can put his name all over buildings, but also anything else he can slap it on. Everything from steaks, to vodka, to water, Trump is always proud to throw his name on it.

So, it really is telling that Trump refuses to call his key piece of legislation, The American Health Care Act, ‘Trumpcare.’ There are probably at least two reasons for this.

First, even if the House passes ‘Trumpcare’ today, it is clear the legislation will require a longer, more difficult fight when it hits the Senate floor.

Second, even though Trump always promised that he will ‘repeal and replace Obamacare with something better,’ this new legislation will take health insurance away from 14 million Americans by 2018, That’s a very odd definition of the word ‘better.’

In other words, Trump knows that whether or not Trumpcare ultimately passes, he would much prefer to call it ‘Ryancare.’ It appears the buck does not stop here when it comes to President Trump’s approach to leadership.