President Trump’s latest proclamation to a Time magazine reporter who asked some tough questions about how he is doing in the job as president was simply this ‘Im’ the president and you’re not.’ That is an interesting response from the man who is the leader of the second-most powerfull country in the world, after Russia. Here is who Trump really is:

Trump is a man who was born into wealth and never had to fight for a meal or for housing for himself or his family. That, alone, means he doesn’t understand the plight of the average American. People who work multiple jobs just to keep the lights on are the people he now needs to understand and he definitely does not understand that.

>Trump has been involved in many sexual harassment accusations, even famously bragging that he can grab ‘anything’ he wants because he is famous.

>Trump had public affairs while married and with children and didn’t care about whom that may hurt (channel Marla Maples and company).

>Trump built his signature Trump Tower on the backs of broken Polish immigrants and then stated that he is the ‘new king.’

>Trump lied to his base about everything just to get elected–and this is the most important point to make when considering who this president really is.

Donald Trump is the man who never should have been elected President of the United States, and that fact–a real fact, not a fake one–is painfully obvious to every American. It’s obvious, even, to those who voted for him in vain and those in Congress who publicly say they still support him.

When the investigations into Trump’s dealings with Russian officials start to take hold, all of the above won’t matter, because then even Trump’s diehard supporters will have to admit that this fool should never have been the president in the first place.