OK, time to stop playing games in the ‘sand box’ and start answering the serious questions about what President Trump’s former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort was doing, apparently laundering money for Russian oligarchs? Further, why would a man with such a checkered history even be hired as Trump’s campaign chairman?

The answers aren’t looking good, and little Devin Nunes, ‘chairman’ of the House Intelligence Committee isn’t helping Trump’s case for looking innocent in all of this by shutting down the investigation he is supposed to be in charge of, while simultaneously running to the White House to give Trump, the apparent target of the investigation, information he has yet to disclose to the other members of the committee.

The Senate Intelligence Committee must also agree, because they have had enough of this ridiculous and very suspicious charade put on by President Trump and are starting their own investigation next week. If it smells, it must be rotten. And this thing smells so bad, it is starting to give even Trump supporters the heaves.