My guess is that when a certain, toxic combination of circumstances occur, a human being can become one of the world’s worst enemies. Take for example Donald J. Trump. Born into wealth with an over-bearing father who made his money by being a New York slumlord and presumably having to be a bully himself, would be ingredient number one.

Ingredient number two would be that the personality of said individual was one that from birth had a predisposition to being narcissistic and insecure.

Add to that toxic formula a guy who just wants to mate with anything he finds attractive, and you have bully number one.

The final nail in the coffin is to mix all of that with the personality of someone who just wants adoration from those who love him and revenge on those who don’t.

My belief is that such a person, never having to be challenged in life and now having to be so, is not conditioned for the role of being the president of a democratic country.

It is no wonder that Donald J. Trump is the worst President of the United States because he is simply the wrong personality for a very important job.