After the disaster that was the House Intelligence Committee’s attempt to investigate Russia’s effort to sway the 2016 US presidential election and Trump’s ties to Russia, the Senate will start their own investigation today.

It’s quite curious that the two main potential targets of the investigations continually try to tell us there is absolutely nothing to investigate.

President Trump said late Monday that the House Intelligence Committee is looking into the wrong 2016 presidential candidate’s Russia connections.

Trump accused Hillary Clinton — and former president Bill Clinton — of allowing “big Uranium to go to Russia.” He made the comments in a series of tweets. Trump appeared to imply that money Bill Clinton received for a speech in Russia and “the Hillary Russian ‘reset'” were somehow connected to the uranium deal.

Meanwhile, this morning, President Putin had this to say to CNBC about the investigations:

“Read my lips, no, all those things are fictional, illusory and provocations, lies,” he said. “All these are used for domestic American political agendas.”

It certainly appears both men protest too much. Putin’s agenda has always been clear, and there seems little doubt he would do just about anything to keep his hold on power. But why would President Trump, who should want these investigations to occur if he cares about the health of American democracy, be so against the inquiries?

Just what is Trump hiding from the American people? It is time to find out.