The idea that Donald Trump is ‘Mr. Art of the Deal’ seems surreal, now that we know how truly pathetic his ability to bring people to the table and forge an agreement really is. He has insulted just about everyone on the globe except his family members and Vladimir Putin.

He said we would get ‘bored of winning’ if elected, but the reality is that in just his first 70 days as president, he has stumbled in some very serious ways. It seems that all of Trump’s failures as president can be tied back to the fact that all he really does is insult anyone and everyone. Of course the day he mocked a disabled reporter for being disabled showed us just how little empathy this man has for those less fortunate than he–which is everyone else on the planet.

And that is without considering that he is under investigation for his potentially criminal ties with Russia. That failure will likely bring him down, and down soon.

Perhaps if Trump really was good at ‘deals,’ he could survive the current crisis facing him. But Trump has no idea how to do a deal because he has no idea how to gain the trust of those who could help him succeed.