This is no longer just a funny joke or an amusing spectacle–though I will admit, it has been both of those. But sadly, Donald Trump, supposedly the President of the United States, has such a thin skin that because a reporter asked him a question he didn’t like while sitting at his desk in the Oval Office for a ‘signing ceremony,’ he simply bolted–out of HIS OWN OFFICE. It was embarrassing to watch and more embarrassing to see Vice President Mike Pence scurry after him with the documents he was supposed to sign.

All of the failures and potential misdeeds of Trump as president have been well documented, so we don’t need to go into those details here. But really, the man who is in charge of the most powerful military operation in the world doesn’t even have the ‘stones’ to handle a question from a reporter while sitting in what is supposed to be ‘his’ office? Are we serious?

I will tell you who isn’t serious about the very important job before him: Donald Trump. This masquerade of a presidency must end immediately.