Yes, it was eyebrow-raising when First Lady Hillary Clinton attempted to improve healthcare and Robert Kennedy, brother of President Kennedy, was appointed U.S. Attorney General. But the Trump administration has presented us with a completely different and much wilder animal.

My, oh my, where do we start?

I guess we must start with Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, who just got an office in the West Wing of the White House. Wait, what? You mean the woman best known for her jewelry line now has an office next to the president’s? What are her qualifications for that powerful job, whatever that job may be? Surely those qualifications include something more than being the president’s daughter? Or maybe not.

Then, talk about ‘six degrees of separation,’ as we just learned that the president’s daughter’s husband, Jared Kushner, has made a secret trip to Iraq, even before Trump’s ex-CEO of EXXON/MOBILE Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has ventured there. Again, wait, what?

I am pretty sure that Jared’s only professional experience, just like Trump’s only professional experience, centers around doing real estate deals. If we didn’t have to unpack the stuff that stinks when it comes to all of Trump’s seemingly ugly connections with Russia and the connections of these unqualified people working in the White House who also have ugly connections with Russia, we could perhaps let all of this go.

But that is not the case and everything the Trump administration tries to do right now must be halted until we understand just exactly what Trump is doing with one of our major enemies–Russia.