House Speaker Paul Ryan told GOP members on a conference call Saturday that Republicans will only bring health care legislation to the floor when and if it has the votes to pass, saying the House will instead focus next week on approving spending legislation to avoid a government shutdown, according to a GOP source on the call.

Of course, what Ryan failed to mention is the obvious: His leader, President Donald Trump has already ‘shut down’ the government. When you appoint a man who doesn’t believe in climate change to run the EPA, a man who doesn’t believe in helping the poor to run HUD, a woman who doesn’t believe in public education to run the Department of Education and a man who doesn’t believe in the law to be U.S. Attorney General, you have already and quite effectively shut down the U.S. Government as we used to know it.

Like the proverbial ‘frog in a pot of boiling water,’ literally shutting down the government just might be the move Ryan needs to make in order to wake up those sleeping Americans who actually think their government is working for them.