It was the Freedom Caucus that stood in the way of Trump’s promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. But it appears they have now turned a corner, and just today, they announced they are OK with Trumpcare, as long as three conditions are met. The most obnoxious of these conditions is the one dealing with pre-existing conditions:

Under Obamacare, community-rating rules make it so insurers must charge the same price to consumers in a certain area regardless of gender, preexisting condition, and other factors. Under the AHCA’s new amendment, states could get around this rule if they provided some funding for people with preexisting conditions to get coverage, participate in the “invisible high risk pools” established by the AHCA, or “provide incentives to appropriate entities” to “stabilize premiums.” While the bill says the waiver cannot limit access to people with preexisting conditions, it is unclear what the baseline of funding would be to grant this waiver. Therefore, people with preexisting conditions could still end up having higher costs.

So, in other words, the sick be damned and let insurance companies profit from their ill-fated conditions. How very ‘Freedom Caucus-ey’ of you.