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People use “criminal alien” line to troll Trump administration about space aliens.


@Jeaniebonotex, tweeting about the hotline created by the Trump administration, 1-855-48-VOICE, for victims of crimes committed by “criminal aliens,” or undocumented immigrants. The hotline backfired, however, when people used it to troll the administration and “report” activity by outer-space aliens. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement condemned the prank calls.

New Simpsons episode parodies Trump’s first 100 days.

The Simpsons (FOX)

@janicereads, reacting to a teaser for a new episode of “The Simpsons” marking 100 days of Trump’s presidency. The dark take features Ivanka as a Supreme Court Justice, Trump’s hair as a little dog, and Trump advisers Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon choking each other. The full episode airs Sunday night on FOX. 

 College women get Joe Biden to sign their poster of Young Joe Biden.

Ravin Hassan and Milena Michael

@milenalenaaa, Milena Michael, left, tweeting after she met Joe Biden at George Mason University at a sexual assault awareness event. Michael and her friend, Ravin Hassan, asked the former VP to sign this picture of himself as a younger man. Biden laughed and signed it: “Keep the faith! Change the culture.”

Beyonce posts picture, starts a meme.

@animalfriespls, imagining that Beyonce was ordering food for her unborn twins in this photo she posted on Instagram of herself at a restaurant. The image became a meme as fans joked about what she might have been telling the waitress.

Take Your Child to Work Day happened. 


@EmmWald, sharing a funny tweet from Take Your Child to Work Day, which was yesterday. People shared cute pictures on social media of their kids at work, while others shared gripes. “Trying to work while kid in next office has been throwing a fit.