Boy are we a long way off from the day when JFK asked this question: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’

It was a great message, and one that really needed to be heard by the average American, who enjoyed the rare freedom our country was designed to provide. But, it seems that message has just become lost in the greed and entitled persona that is now America.

I live in a major city, Atlanta, and I just got back from cleaning up the street in front of my house. I did this, because there was so much trash and garbage there that I was embarrassed to let it stay there. When I thought about what I was cleaning up, I wanted to puke. This image is real, and is exactly what I found in front of my home.

All I saw was the garbage of selfish people who wanted to feel good right now, and then, once they did, they figured it was OK to throw their garbage out the window of their cars. It is bad enough that America has become such a selfish country, but I guess if you had to choose the right leader of a people interested only in themselves, Donald Trump is the perfect choice.