I turned to HGTV when Donald Trump was elected president because I just couldn’t take any more of that ‘fake news.’ I thought, well, home renovations could never be as depressing or morally deprived than the thought that a ‘pussy grabbing’ president of the greatest nation on earth could be.

But, boy oh boy was I wrong. First, the ‘pseudo’ happy couple from ‘Flip or Flop,’ that couldn’t stop standing in front of a Christmas tree holding their kids, even though six months earlier the wife was cheating and the husband was holding a gun to his head. I mean really? Enough with the family values and Christmas trees already.

Then we learned the couple from ‘Fixer Upper’ thinks gay people are bad and is being sued because they cheated ‘friends’ out of money while reading a verse from the Bible they thought made this all OK.

But the team from ‘Love it or List It’ never pretends to be married, straight, religious or anything else the producers at HGTV think will sell. They just do their jobs, without a social implication. I wish they could stay on TV, but this network is going down fast and they probably will be victims of the greedy attempts for their bosses’ need to infuse religion into home renovations.