America now has a new and historic leader in Donald J. Trump. We all know how new he is, but why is he historic? He is historic because he is the least qualified, least interested, least concerned about the middle class, least interested in policy achievements, least interested in working with Congress, and that is just the beginning of Trump’s list of ‘leasts.’

So, how did we get here? How did such an unqualified and disinterested person ever become the President of the United States?

There are two parts to the answer of that question. Part one involves the question of why someone like this would even want the job. Especially after he said in public he really doesn’t want it, now. My opinion is that he only wanted the job to get revenge, you know, the core of what Trump is really about.

But the other part of this dilemma is the question of how Trump became president in the first place. Was it the anger Americans have about the Washington machine that seems to have forgotten them? Probably, although people like Mitch McConnell, America’s richest welfare recipient, are still entrenched in the swamp.

And is it because Julian Assange, and avowed Trump supporter, who is now the apparent girlfriend of Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson ‘leaked’ lies about Clinton to gain the favor of Vladimir Putin?

And is it because James Comey, the FBI director who just a few weeks before the election cast doubts about Hillary Clinton’s truthfulness, made an unprecedented public announcement as such then retracted it one week later?

The answer to all of the above is ‘absolutely.’

America, wake up, start realizing this is a huge disaster that must be fixed if you want to keep living the ‘good life.’ Otherwise, welcome to Putin’s new Russia.