Whether it is the trend toward self-indulgent behavior, the laziness that allows people to believe ‘fake news,’ the lack of attention to education to remind Americans how and why we established the U.S. Constitution–all of which I would argue are the reasons–there is no question we are on a steep decline.

What President Reagan famously called ‘the shining city on a hill‘ is quickly becoming a country distrusted around the world, one that has no respect for the truth, and one that lost its promise to the poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Whether Donald Trump–who embodies all of the things causing the decline of America–is the cause or the symptom of this decline could be argued in spirited fashion. But there is no question that Donald Trump has no regard for how and why the United States of America came to be and found the establishment of our Constitution was essential for a country of citizens who desired unquestioned freedom.

The number of ways Trump has trounced on our Constitution is traitorous, yet he is still our president. I think it is time to save America and that means we all need to go back to school.