put it eloquently, as we consider whether or not Donald Trump won the election legitimately or illegimately:

“For all the headlines about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, no hard evidence has come to light, at least publicly, showing that President Trump or his team were involved. But suppose that such evidence did come to light — what would happen if it became clear that Trump or his advisers colluded with the Russians?1 This isn’t the only type of wrongdoing the investigations could uncover, but it’s among the most serious because it would cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2016 result. So, is there a process for dealing with a finding that in essence invalidates an election?”

I think we all need to ask that question that we never want to think could be answered with a ‘yes:’ Did Donald Trump win the election by cheating and colluding with Russia? I am not fan of Trump, but I never wanted to believe he would steal the election by cheating and debasing the nation that way, but boy, oh boy, it is starting to look like that really may have happened.

As Trump would say: ‘SAD!’