For over a year, Kwotable has worked to illustrate the many ways in which Donald Trump is unfit for office. We have written day after day about his failings, his lies, his inability to lead our great nation. He has now been President of the United States for over seven months, and his failings in the role are epic, even dangerous, on a global scale.

It is not just that, he has lowered the moral standing of America to a low never thought imaginable. What do we tell our kids? How do we explain we sold out to our enemies?

Have we, at Kwotable, been ineffective, by beating a drum that seems not to be heard by those who we’ve tried to reach? Or have we simply crashed against a wall, and spent our time ‘preaching to the choir,’ while support for Trump only digs in deeper?

I founded Kwotable to give the people a voice, a voice that could be heard and one that could help further the cause of justice and liberty and freedom in America.

But after more than a year of doing this, I feel exhausted and out of breath. And I feel that what matters now is not what Trump does, what matters is what we do about Trump.

He may very well survive the full four years of his term. But what we need to focus on is what happens next.

For this reason, as of today, Kwotable will become more of a place where we can all contribute our thoughts and ideas on who can lead America back onto the path of greatness and less of a place where we ‘bash’ Trump.

We will present possible candidates for office, not just the presidency, but governorships and members of Congress.

It is time for America to do what we do best, move out from the darkness and into the light.