Over a year ago, we knew that Facebook was playing some sort of game with their advertising system. Here is how we knew:

A business, or a person, can pay Facebook to promote their content. We did, and when we did, they asked us which specific audience we wanted to reach. Considering that we favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, we asked to reach an audience that was favorable to Democrats, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Even after paying Facebook thousands with that request, we got nothing but rabid pro-Trump comments that seemed to come from trolls in a Russian basement. We wrote a detailed article about this, complete with screenshots and proof that we got the opposite audience we paid for, and somehow that article got mysteriously deleted.

Now we learn that Facebook has taken tons of money from Russia to advertise and promote Donald Trump for president. We were not surprised. Facebook has much to answer for and this is not going to be pretty. I would recommend that anyone who owns stock in Facebook: SELL IT NOW.