Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, isn’t afraid to call his boss a ‘f-ing moron.’

Bob Corker, senior Republican senator and chairman of the foreign relations committee isn’t afraid to say publicly that Donald Trump is like a toddler, needing constant supervision so we can prevent World War III.

Respected Republican representative, Charlie Dent said this just a couple of days ago about Trump:

“We’ve had a lot of these ‘the emperor has no clothes’ moments and I’m glad that Sen. Corker has brought voice to this,” Dent said Monday on MSNBC. “We are concerned. My colleagues, my Republican colleagues in the House, I know, and Senate, are concerned by much of the dysfunction and disorder and chaos at the White House.”

And that’s just the people who used to support Trump and are supposed to help him pass legislation. Then you have 60% of the American public and just about the rest of the world who really do believe Trump has zero business sitting in the Oval Office. More importantly, could very well start World War III with his uncontrollable, big mouth and his addiction to Twitter.

Republicans in Congress need to face the very stark fact that this person is in the wrong job and must be impeached, now.