Today I visited Grady Hospital in Atlanta, and as I walked through the emergency room, I was struck by the reality that America’s healthcare system is in shambles. Take a look at some of what I saw:

None of these people have health insurance, and most waited about 8 hours to get to see a doctor.

The Trump ‘tax reform’ plan does this for these needy people:

The most significant proposal is the elimination of the medical tax deduction, as it will have immediate and devastating impact on the 8.8 million Americans who have claimed the benefit to help offset medical expenses, includes those dealing with the devastating consequences of medical crisis or disabilities.

Of those who claimed the deduction in 2015, nearly half earned less than $50,000 and almost 70 percent earned less than 75,000 annually, according to AARP.

Trump could not give two thoughts about these people. In fact he would be happy to get them out of the way, so he can get a tax cut for himself and his friends.