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The mother of teenage boy was abducted and killed in Florida after a hitman and his girlfriend mistook her for the intended victim, according to reports.

Authorities late Friday announced three arrests in the death of 42-year-old Janice Zengotita-Torres, of Kissimmee. Her body was found Tuesday.

They said Ishnar Lopez-Ramos, 35, wanted to kill a woman who was in a relationship with a man she loved, Fox 35 Orlando reported. That woman, who was never harmed, and Zengotita-Torres, who was married and the mother of a 14-year-old boy, were co-workers.

Lopez-Ramos then hired Alexis Ramos-Rivera and Glorianmarie Quinones Montes to carry out the murder, the station reported.


Authorities found Janice Zengotita-Torres’ body Tuesday in Volusia County. She had been beaten and suffocated.  (Fox 35 Orlando)

According to the station, the pair, both 22, kidnapped Zengotita-Torres after she left work Sunday and drove home.

Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said they eventually realized Zengotita-Torres was the wrong woman, but they killed her anyway.

“The suspects continued with their plan of murder and tied the victim with zip ties, and then her head in duct tape and garbage bags,” he said, according to the station.

He said when Zengotita-Torres tried to fight back she was beaten unconscious.

Her killers drove 80 miles and dumped her body in Volusia County, the station reported.

Investigators arrested Lopez-Ramos after she used Zengotita-Torres’ ATM card, the station reported. She led investigators to the other two suspects in the case. They have been charged with murder and jailed.

“All three confirmed that this was a murder-for-hire and that the victim was mistakenly targeted and murdered,” Gibson said.


Investigators say Janice Zengotita-Torrres, 42, was killed after being mistaken for the target in a murder-for-hire plot in Osceola County, Fla.  (Fox 35 Orlando)

One station reported that Gibson choked up as he announced the arrests.

“I get emotional because it just touches me so deeply that one of our citizens was killed in such a manner over a mistaken identification, and in the end it appears to be a lovers’ triangle,” he said, according to WFTV. “Wow.”

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