Dozens of White House employees are awaiting permanent security clearances and have been working for months with temporary approvals to handle sensitive information while the FBI continues to probe their backgrounds, according to U.S. officials.

The Washington Post put it this way:

‘Neither the White House nor the FBI is taking responsibility in the backlog of more than 700,000 security clearances. One investigator told CBS News that the White House security clearance process “is the peak of what the problem is throughout the government.”

On Monday, the White House blamed delays in the security clearance process on the FBI, but in another sign of the strain between the bureau and the White House, the FBI responded in a statement that they just conduct the background check, they don’t grant security clearances, reports CBS News’ Jeff Pegues.’

Let us think about that.

That is scary, considering that many people, arguable of questionable ethics and personal loyalties, are pouring all over our national secrets. Who will do what with what?