You ARE kidding, right?

Politico has just reported this:

“Bernie Sanders on Wednesday blamed Hillary Clinton for not doing more to stop the Russian attack on the last presidential election. Then his 2016 campaign manager, in an interview with POLITICO, said he’s seen no evidence to support special counsel Robert Mueller’s assertion in an indictment last week that the Russian operation had backed Sanders’ campaign.

The remarks showed Sanders, running for a third term and currently considered a front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, deeply defensive in response to questions posed to him about what was laid out in the indictment. He attempted to thread a response that blasts Donald Trump for refusing to acknowledge that Russians helped his campaign — but then holds himself harmless for a nearly identical denial.”

Truth be told, I never trusted Bernie. And I always said he was going to unwittingly throw the election to Trump (just ask my relatives who supported Bernie and with whom I am not speaking with). But this is beyond the pale and Bernie, who shifts parties with the wind, depending on which one can help him, just like Trump, is now blaming Hillary Clinton for Trump’s ‘win.’

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.