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San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bird, Lime and Spin for operating their shared electric scooter programs in San Francisco, the SF Examiner first reported.

“We have just received it and we are reviewing it,” Bird spokesperson Rachel Katz told TechCrunch. “We’ll be in touch when we have more comments.”

The letters reportedly say the companies have ignored warnings and operate in a way that is “creating a public nuisance on The City’s streets and sidewalks and endangering public health and safety.” Other complaints entail concerns of fall hazards and excessive use of public sidewalk space.

The letters also provide suggestions around ways to ensure people properly park the scooters. Each company has until April 30 to report back regarding how they’re going to address the complaints.

Meanwhile, the SF Board of Supervisors’ Land Use and Transportation Committee is hearing proposed legislation and comments from the public pertaining to electric scooters as we speak.

I’ve reached out to the City Attorney’s office, Lime and Spin. I’ll update this as I learn more.