Even a U.S. Senator was kept from seeing what is happening behind the blacked-out windows of this Texas Walmart building holding little children in cells.

The U.S. government has said that immigrant children being separated from their parents are being treated humanely, but one of the first journalists to be allowed entry to a facility in southern Texas told CBC News on Thursday there’s no escaping what the centre feels like.

“These kids are not in a shelter as they call it, they are incarcerated,” said Jacob Soboroff. “They’re locked inside 22 hours a day. There are only more of them that are coming here, leading to an overcrowding crisis.”

Soboroff, an NBC News reporter, was one of a limited number of journalists allowed on Wednesday to tour the so-called Casa Padre facility in Brownsville near the border with Mexico. The building, formerly a Walmart, houses nearly 1,500 currently.

America is clearly on its way to becoming the next North Korea. Thank you, ‘President’ Trump.