There’s a reason that wherever you go, or however you cook it, America’s favorite crustacean is called “Maine” Lobster. The cold, clean waters of Maine’s rocky coast provide an ideal habitat for lobster, and the patience and fortitude it takes to successfully harvest them in the sometimes punishing weather has been woven into the fabric of Maine’s culture as long as anyone can remember.

But did you know that figures for 2016 show the value of live lobster shipments from Maine to China climbed to $27.5 million, nearly tripling from the $10.2 million reported in November 2015? That’s roughly half the total export of live lobsters from Maine to date, excluding Canada, where many Maine lobsters are processed and then imported back into Maine for distribution.

Planned tariffs from China on American exports will hit Maine’s lobster industry hard if they are imposed, according to Angus King, United States Senator from Maine.

King spoke about the tariffs Monday, July 2, during a brief, but wide-ranging conversation with Stonington selectmen during their regular meeting. The senator had spent most of the day on the island meeting with town officials and business people, including those in the town’s signature industry—lobsters. His visit was part of a boots-on-the-ground trip to Maine which was scheduled to take him farther Downeast ending in Eastport for the Fourth of July.

I doubt Trump travels to Maine often, or even cares about the Maine economy, but this just shows how a selfish, mean-spirited jerk can ruin America if he is ever given the privilege of occupying the Oval Office.