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The donor network aligned with billionaire industrialist Charles Koch launched a new super PAC on Monday, expanding its electoral power ahead of the midterm elections.

Through the new super PAC, Americans for Prosperity Action, the network’s political arm will be able to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to call on voters to elect or defeat specific candidates — as long as they do not coordinate with the campaigns.

The super PAC will serve as a sister organization to Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-backed nonprofit that leads the network’s grass-roots operation in 36 states. As a social welfare nonprofit, that group faces certain restrictions on its political activity that a super PAC does not.

“Americans for Prosperity has been a difference-maker supporting policy champions in tight races, and AFP Action is a new tool that will allow us to expand those efforts and make an even larger impact,” super PAC spokesman Bill Riggs said in a statement.

Koch officials did not specify how much the super PAC aims to raise and spend, but the network previously announced it plans to spend as much as $400 million on policy issues and political campaigns during the 2018 cycle.

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At a donor retreat this summer, network officials said they are more carefully assessing which candidates to support in this fall’s midterm elections, amid increasing frustration with President Trump and Republican Party leaders over trade policies, federal spending and other policy priorities of the network.

Network officials said Monday that they launched the super PAC to help elect candidates into office who will support the network’s free-market policy priorities. The new entity will partner with other super PACs in the network to advocate for candidates directly aligned with the network’s policy priorities to expand its influence in Washington.