As the nation mourns the death of Former President George H.W. Bush, we are bombarded with cable news reports about all of the great things he did as President of the United States. And while George H.W. Bush looks now like a true American hero, compared to presidents who came after him, that is only because some of those presidents who followed him were complete disasters.

And the biggest of those disasters, and the one who will likely go down in history as America’s worst president, is none other than his son, George W. Bush.

George W. Bush was a terrible president, one who started an illegal war that killed thousands, both Americans and Iraqis. Even worse, just before he stepped out of the White House, his policies put America on the brink of total economic disaster.

The failure of his father, was to help (and I used the word ‘help’ lightly) his son become a future president. The senior Bush knew darn well that his son did not have the knowledge, experience, or even the desire to become The President of the United States, yet his ego and desire to consolidate power within his own family caused him to make a very fatal move.

Shame on you, George H.W. Bush.