Fox ‘News’ is the ultimate venue for male supremacists.

They report:

“Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., is expected to launch her 2020 presidential campaign on Sunday, but is facing an early crisis over a wave of accusations that she has mistreated staff — with her conduct reportedly getting so bad that then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told her to change her behavior.

Klobuchar is expected to announce her 2020 run in Minneapolis on Sunday. But that announcement was overshadowed this week when HuffPost reported this week that Klobuchar has such a bad reputation over her treatment of staff that a number of potential staffers have withdrawn from consideration to manage her campaign because of it.”

You know, girls are unattractive when they are tough. Sorry guys, that old dog don’t hunt no more. You are not just fake news, you are old news.