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Clinton agrees to debate schedule

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton acknowledge supporters during a campaign rally at the Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Fla. on Aug. 8, 2016. (Gregg Newton//AFP/Getty Images) MIAMI — Democrat Hillary Clinton will participate in the three presidential debates as scheduled, her campaign said Monday in response to complaints from Republican Donald Trump that the dates are unsuitable. Trump has complained that the Commission on Presidential Debates scheduled two of the debates on NFL game nights, reducing viewership. The commission has said the dates were selected long before the NFL schedule was set. “Secretary Clinton looks forward to participating in all three presidential debates scheduled by the independent debate commission,” Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said. The prime-time sessions are set for Sept. 26, Oct. 9 and Oct. 19. “It is concerning that the Trump campaign is already engaged in shenanigans around these debates,” Podesta said. “It is not clear if he is trying to avoid debates, or merely toying with the press to create more drama,” Podesta said. “Either way, our campaign is not interested in playing along with a debate about debates or bargaining around them.” Podesta questioned whether “Trump is going to show up to debate at the date, times, places and formats set by the commission last year through a bipartisan process.” Trump has not said he would boycott the...

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New pro-Clinton ad blasts Trump as unfit to lead the military

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, center, listens as retired Army Maj. Gen. John Batiste, right, tesifies during a Senate Democratic Policy Committee hearing on Sept. 25, 2006, on on Capitol Hill, concering the planning and conduct of the war in Iraq. Also on the panel was retired Marine Corps Col. Thomas Hammes, left. Eaton is featured in a new pro-Clinton ad that is critical of Donald Trump. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) An accomplished retired Army general is the star of a new television ad released Wednesday that accuses presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of being unfit to  lead the American military. The pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA and  VoteVets PAC produced the 30-second ad, which features retired  Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton speaking directly to the camera. “For 30 years I served  everywhere from Iraq to Somalia, where I’ve been responsible for the lives of our sons and daughters,” Eaton says. “For  all of them, and for our country, I cannot support Donald Trump.” Eaton is best known for leading the training effort for  Iraqi troops early in the Iraq War. He  now serves as an adviser to the National Security Network, a  liberal-leaning think tank. “Donald Trump doesn’t have the temperament of judgment to be our commander in chief,” Eaton says. The message echoes Clinton’s criticism of her opponent as too reckless and ill-informed to make serious national security...

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Clinton brings in record $68 million in June

Hillary Clinton speaks at a Digital Content Creators Town Hall on June 28 at the Neuehouse Hollywood in Los Angeles. (Andrew Harnik/AP) Hillary Clinton raised $68 million in June, the month she became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and heads into the general election with more than $44 million on hand, her campaign reported Friday. She took in more than $40 million for her own campaign and about $28 million for the Democratic National Committee and state parties. The monthly total marks Clinton’s best fundraising performance of this election cycle, reflecting both her solidified status as the presumptive nominee and a stepped-up effort to bring in campaign cash to defeat Republican Donald Trump. Clinton has attended a blizzard of high-dollar fundraising parties in the past three weeks, while her campaign sent out urgent pleas for online donations. Trump has not yet released his fundraising total for June, but it is expected to be well below what Clinton posted. Trump’s campaign sent a text message to supporters Thursday inviting them to “be part of this as we smash our goal. Click here to donate.” Clinton’s campaign began June with more than $42 million on hand, while Trump’s campaign had reported $1.3 million. Trump has significantly expanded his fundraising operation since then. He appeared to secure enough delegates to win the GOP nomination weeks before Clinton did the same on the Democratic...

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