Author: Ashley Alman

Why Bill O’Reilly’s Fall From Grace Is Particularly Dramatic

THE HUFFINGTON POST In the first quarter of 2017, Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor” was the highest-rated cable news program in history. He enjoyed an $18 million salary and the most coveted television slot on the most-watched network in all of cable, bringing in almost $111 million in ad revenue for Fox News just last year. On Wednesday, he lost all of that … except some of the salary. Fox News parted ways with O’Reilly after a bombshell New York Times report revealed $13 million worth of settlements he and Fox had made in sexual harassment suits brought by...

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Gwen Ifill, ‘PBS NewsHour’ Co-Anchor, Dies At 61

 Gwen Ifill, moderator and managing editor of “Washington Week” and co-anchor of “PBS NewsHour,” has died, Politico and The Daily Beast reported Monday. Ifill was 61 years old. WETA president and CEO Sharon Percy Rockefeller confirmed the news to staff in a Monday email, saying the journalist died of cancer. “I am very sad to tell you that our dear friend and beloved colleague Gwen Ifill passed away today in hospice care in Washington,” she wrote. “I spent an hour with her this morning and she was resting comfortably, surrounded by loving family and friends.”  Sara Just, “PBS NewsHour” executive producer, touted Ifill as a “journalist’s journalist” in a statement. “Gwen was a standard bearer for courage, fairness and integrity in an industry going through seismic change. She was a mentor to so many across the industry and her professionalism was respected across the political spectrum,” Just said. This is a developing story. Check back for...

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CIA Director Challenges Trump’s Claim About Intelligence Briefers’ ‘Body Language’

CIA director John Brennan on Sunday challenged Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s claim that intelligence briefers revealed they were not pleased with President Barack Obama’s counter-terrorism policies. Trump said at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum last week that he could tell the intelligence officers “were not happy” with the president based on their “body language” during the classified national security briefing he received. Brennan told CBS’ John Dickerson that he knows the briefers who have met with the presidential candidates, and called them “the quintessential professional intelligence officers.” “We don’t comment on policy. We don’t give policy recommendations,” Brennan said. “So I am fully confident that they comported themselves with the utmost professionalism and demonstrated their real breadth and depth of intelligence capabilities.” Discussing what happened during a classified briefing was among the many faux pas Trump has committed during his candidacy. Michael Morell, a CIA veteran who served as acting director under Obama, called Trump’s comments unprecedented and “highly inappropriate.” “This is the first time that I can remember a candidate for president doing a readout from an intelligence briefing, and it’s the first time a candidate has politicized their intelligence briefing,” Morell said. “Both of those are highly inappropriate and crossed a long standing red line respected by both...

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