Author: By Adam Taylor

Why North Korea called John Bolton ‘human scum and a bloodsucker’ in 2003 – Washington Post

GOOGLE NEWS Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton speaks during CPAC 2018 on Feb. 22, 2018, at National Harbor, outside Washington. (Alex Wong/Getty Images) When it comes to controversial selections for national security adviser, there are few more divisive than John Bolton. The former U.N. ambassador’s hawkish politics and belittling public statements have made many bitter enemies over his decades in public life. Among his most vocal critics is North Korea, an isolated dictatorship tentatively scheduled to hold talks on nuclear disarmament in the coming months — talks on which Bolton will play a key role in advising President Trump. In...

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‘As usual, he’s dead wrong’: Former US ambassadors explain London Embassy move after Trump criticism – Washington Post

GOOGLE NEWS In a tweet sent late Thursday evening, President Trump said he had canceled his trip to Britain next month because he was unhappy with the new U.S. Embassy in London — and accused the Obama administration of making a “bad deal” for an “off location.” Many Britons disagreed, suggesting instead the president was simply worried his arrival in London would be greeted by mass protests. Those involved in the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in London also say Trump, a former real estate mogul in New York City, has a bad understanding of the deal. “As usual, he’s dead wrong,” said former ambassador...

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