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These Trump supporters built a gallows and tried to arrest London’s mayor. People laughed at them. – Washington Post

GOOGLE NEWS UK Trump supporters heckle London’s Mayor during a speech at the Fabian Society. (Reuters) An anti-Islamic nationalist wheeled a homemade gallows into central London, led a group of men into a conference hall and attempted to “arrest” the city’s first Muslim mayor as he gave a speech Saturday. The group failed, and was eventually escorted out by the same police officers they had asked to apprehend Mayor Sadiq Khan. They still managed to delay the speech for 15 minutes as they accused Khan of treachery, tyranny and disrespecting President Trump. Trump — who sought to ban Muslims from U.S. shores during his campaign, and called Khan “pathetic” after a terrorist attack...

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Man shoots his mom in the head during tantrum over video games, police say – Washington Post

GOOGLE NEWS (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post) A 28-year-old man playing a video game in his bedroom threw a fit, broke his headset, then picked up a gun and killed his mother, according to police in Ceres, Calif. Matthew Nicholson stayed with his parents in a powder blue house with a basketball hoop over the garage door. It was a loving and open home, and 68-year-old Lydia Nicholson was the sort of mother who “wanted to see the best in people at all times,” her daughter told Fox 40. But a police spokesman told the station that officers had visited the home after...

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‘The most horrific case’: A mom intentionally left her kids in a hot SUV, police say. They died. – Washington Post

GOOGLE NEWS (iStockphoto) The girls, ages 1 and 2, were gravely ill when they arrived at the hospital. According to investigators, their mother made it sound like they’d collapsed mysteriously on an otherwise idyllic day. “There’s a lake close to where they were,” Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer told The Washington Post. “She said the little girls were walking around smelling flowers. She didn’t know if maybe they’d ingested or touched a poisonous flower.” That was a lie, Hierholzer said. The sisters’ final day of consciousness had not been spent among flowers, he said, but rather intentionally trapped inside an SUV that grew hotter by...

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