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Trump Jr. Franken. Impeachment. Government shutdown. Just try to keep up with a single day in Washington

FOX NEWS How long? “This is either going to take two hours … or ten,” said the source. Donald Trump Jr. was slated Wednesday morning – and, perhaps even Wednesday evening – to face the House Intelligence Committee in a closed-door session. Many reporters presumed the testimony of the son-of-the-president may emerge as the marquee story of the day on Capitol Hill. The panel interrogated Trump Jr. until just before 6 p.m. ET. But what transpired outside the secure hearing facility during that sequestration eclipsed anything the president’s son uttered inside. Trump Jr. arrived at the Capitol via a...

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Politics like sports: Democrat-GOP, Moore-anybody but Moore, Ohio-Michigan

FOX NEWS American politics is really pretty simple. One can distill the American political experience into a singular, collegiate athletic series, historically played at the end of the year by two of the country’s most-storied football programs, Michigan and Ohio, alternately in Ann Arbor or Columbus, respectively. If you’re a Michigan partisan, you could lose every game for the rest of the season. The only thing that matters is defeating the Buckeyes at the end of the year in the Big House. If you pull for Ohio State, who cares about the detritus of Purdue, Northwestern, Illinois, Minnesota and...

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Senate GOP has constitutional option on Moore; last senator ousted in 1862

FOX NEWS If you’re a Senate Republican, do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that your already paper-thin, 52-48 majority may shrivel to a single seat should Democrat Doug Jones win the Alabama Senate special election December 12. The bad news is that Alabama voters could preserve the GOP’s 52-48 majority by electing Republican nominee Roy Moore. Let’s begin with the premise that the following could all be academic. If Jones wins, the earth could very tilt off its axis and Alabama would boast a Democratic senator for the first time since...

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GOP House members to vote on tax reform with reelection in full view

FOX NEWS It took five months the last time Congress passed legislation of this magnitude. Tax reform is up now. The last legislative behemoth was the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare. First House vote in November, 2009. Senate vote on Christmas Eve day, 2009. House and Senate finally approved merged, final ObamaCare packages in late March 2010. It was an exhaustive legislative lift for Democrats. And it drained the party. Months later, Democrats proceeded to cough up a net of 63 House seats in the 2010 congressional race  — allowing Republicans to reclaimed control of the chamber....

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Numerous security failures seen with protester who heckled Trump on Hill: ‘Heads will roll’

FOX NEWS Protester: Trump is treason Raw video: Protester yells at President Trump, tosses Russian flags as the president is escorted through the Capitol by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “They’ll let anyone in here.” That’s the stale quip U.S. senators chortle when they unexpectedly spot their House colleagues wandering around the Senate wing of the Capitol. Not surprisingly, House members jest with the same banality when they spy senators roaming their turf on the other side of the Capitol dome. But on Tuesday, the droll bon mot may have been more practice than pun. U.S. Capitol Police arrested...

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Hill GOP touts tax reform before 2018; Dems knock vow as mere ‘Coming Soon!’ marque

FOX NEWS They’ve got to have it. And we’re not talking about rabid Rick and Morty devotees storming McDonald’s in search of elusive Szechuan sauce. This is about congressional Republicans and an insatiable appetite to approve tax reform — preferably by the end of the year. The prognosis? Publicly, everything is lollipops and rainbows. Privately, even the most-earnest GOP tax-reform advocates are skeptical they can get this done — at least soon. It’s the middle of October. There is no bill text. No specifics. Vague targets on corporate tax rates. Ambiguity on personal tax rates. Lots of buzzwords. Frameworks....

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Bump stocks just one chip in Congress’ partisan gamble on gun control

FOX NEWS A legislative response to mass killings is elusive on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers cannot settle on a solution. However, there are lots of alternatives when it comes to potentially curbing gun violence. Background checks. Banning so-called “bump stocks.” Regulating bump stocks. Increasing open-carry provisions. Or just leaving things the way they are. But would any fix the problem? Taking action on any plan entails compromise. So far, the sides just aren’t willing to do that. And in a paradoxical twist, the butchery in Las Vegas last week may give Republicans the chance to pass controversial firearm legislation of...

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Why this ObamaCare repeal gives Democrats a fright

FOX NEWS Film critics and horror movie buffs still praise Ridley Scott’s “Alien” as a cinematic masterpiece nearly 40 years after its release. The horror genre relies on deliberate pacing and a meticulous layering of suspense. Directors achieve this with silence, music cues and misdirection. Scott employs all of these devices in his films. But “Alien” is scary as hell because Scott hides the monster. It’s always lurking in the shadows, barely seen on screen. Congressional Democrats may feel they’re on the set of one of Ridley Scott’s films. They thought they finally vanquished efforts to repeal and replace...

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